Saturn Devouring 2023_ Oigall Projects, Melbourne AU

Natural Intensities 2022_ Scott Lawrie Gallery Auckland NZ

Youth’s Ephemera 2022_ Gilded Treasures /with Blackartprojects Melbourne AU

The Crudes 2021_ Scott Lawrie Gallery Auckland NZ

Sunset Roads II : Breaking Dawn 2020_ Blackartprojects Melbourne AU

Sunset Roads 2020_ Blackartprojects Melbourne AU

The Worlds of Quinn Mallory  2021_ The Vivian Auckland NZ

An arbitrary device in the belly of a whale 2017_ Fort Delta Melbourne AU

Smile 2016_ Fort Delta Melbourne AU

Holy $#!T 2014_ Rubicon Melbourne AU

Other Side 2013_ James Makin Gallery Melbourne AU

I Am Flying Through Boundless Space 2011_ Paradise Hills Richmond AU

In Anticipation of Rotten Teeth 2010_ Trocadero Footscray AU

A River of Dead Men 2009_Substation Newport AU

Escaping The Cage 2009_ Shifted, Richmond AU

Off The Wall 2009_ Exhibition Building, Carlton AU